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December 6, 2011

Derek Boogaard Proves We are Only Animals

I know absolutely nothing about hockey. I’m not super into sports because I feel like it distracts the masses while sh*t gets real around the people too busy watching the game instead of the news. Pretty smart, I think. You give your people their cheap bread and cheap circus and you’ve got yourself a happy, quiet society. Look around you.
1. “CHEAP BREAD” (or food in general):

Real price, fake chicken.

Yea, sure. Feed your family of four for only ten bucks. None of your kids will last past 65-years-of-age BUT that’s later on and this is right now and RIGHT NOW you only have 10 bucks because your husband lost his job and your house was foreclosed. Drastic? Not really. It happens everyday

Enter Derek Boogaard. AKA The Boogey Man

Standing at 6’8″ and weighing in at 245, when Boogaard gets on the ice, grown men cower.

Now this is not a post bashing on the late Mr. Boogaard in any way. He was an excellent hockey player and dedicated his life to the sport. HOWEVER, back to my point about sports, Boogaard is a perfect example of cheap entertainment. You can buy pretty crappy tickets to a game for cheap if you have to OR watch it from home and spend little money on your entertainment. The entertainment is a mix of actual skill and then watching men beat the crap out of each other purely to gain a rise out of the crowd.

New York Times is doing a series of videos dedicated to Boogaard
This was Boogaard’s most important job out on the ice. He beat people up. THAT’S IT! So much did he fight that he ended up dying in July of this year due to his addiction to pain killers. Why was he addicted to pain killers? After numerous shoulder and nose surgeries and enough punches to the head to rattle a rhino, Boogaard depended on pain killers to keep up his violent performance on the ice… To please the crowd… To make that monayyyy….

First off this tells me that people, no matter how hard they try, are animals. We love violence. We can try to wear clothes and live in houses and stand upright and use utensils, BUT WE ARE STILL ANIMALS AT HEART!! No matter how you look at it. Violence still runs in our veins just as much as any other animal. We just try to suppress it to act as if we are civil.

Anyway, a whole bunch of my own opinion is jam-packed into this post, but watching Boogaard get the attention he received and seeing how much the crowd goes crazy over his fights made me a little sad for the human race. But, at the same time, it really is showing our true colors, isn’t it?

RIP Boogaard. You were a true warrior and a present-day Gladiator (catch my drift?)

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December 1, 2011

Beauty Beauty Beauty, etc.

So here are two articles that are completely unrelated besides the fact that they’re both about exterior beauty.

Article #1: Lea T the beautiful Model
Isn’t she gorgeous? Nice, high cheekbones, nice plump, pink lips, beautifully-shaped eyebrows……. and wait…
She’s a man. Did you see that coming? Me neither! Gorgeous, right? Well at least I think so.
Full Article here

Article #2: Cassandra Bankson does Make-Up Magic
The amount of work that goes into this girl’s face every morning is intense. Not sad, because she’s good at it and it does help her out. But I just can’t believe that make-up can do this kind of stuff. I mean i knew it, but WATCHING IT HAPPEN IS CRAZY! (cue for video… scroll to bottom!)

Full Article here

In conclusion, I just wanted to reflect on how much effort some people can go into just to make themselves look like what we perceive to be normal. I don’t wear make-up, and not because i just think i’m naturally beautiful. But because everytime I do put make-up on I feel like some geisha doll that’s trying to be someone i’m not. So what if I have uneven eyebrows or blotches on my face?? this is WHO I AM! Granted, for Cassandra, unfortunately she needs to do some cover-up and she’s only 19 so it will probably, eventually go away. But for those people out there that feel like they can’t leave the house without a full face of make-up, I leave you with this: take it all off once and awhile and be happy with who you are. Honestly, who is going to fall in love with a full face of caked-on make-up? Or maybe that’s just me… I dont know but

Now You know

oh yea here’s the video:

November 10, 2011

To Put it Frankly


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November 3, 2011

Go Get ’em Oakland!!

So the word “occupy” has been springing up in everyday conversation with friends, which means it is becoming “sticky,” as Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point would describe the new craze. And I say craze because, having written my senior thesis on protests in the US, I came to the conclusion that protests spreads just like any other fad or fashion trend out there. It only takes a few celebrities to back the trend until the masses follow suit. And with major protestors like Noam Chomsky and Cornel West involving themselves in this movement, it was only a matter of time until almost every major city in America (and some outside of America) involved themselves in this major “Occupy x city” movement.

Aside from protests and their trendy factor, I also learned the characteristics of the ideal type of protestor. That is, the people who have less to lose simply because they have lost everything already. Most of the time, these are the students because they usually have no image yet created in the community and have no house or family to take care of. In other protests, it is literally the people who have lost their homes and jobs and have nothing to lose anymore so have no choice but to fight.

Enter Oakland, California:

Full Article here
Ranked this year as the most dangerous city in California, Oakland is quite surely ranked as the most dangerous in terms of protests in California as well.

I can contribute this conclusion to the fact that people in Oakland are far worse off than, say, people in Long Beach where the population is huge but not ENOUGH people want to risk their livelihood for a protest. Things are getting bad in Oakland because they have all their cards out on their table. This is their last “Hoorah” for change.

Now, I am not disregarding the crime rate in this city and its contribution to the size and impact of their protests there, but the crime rate and the poverty rate go hand-in-hand and this is a true sign of people who are completely fed up with where they see their economy going.


My hat’s off to you, Oakland.

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September 18, 2011

Amazing picture of the day

This is truly such an incredible picture. I don’t really have much more to say because I think the picture speaks for itself.

Full article here

Words, not sentences, come to mind in this picture:



-act, not thought

-strive to survive

More importantly, since this guy is from a small village in India, is he more physically and mentally able to handle something like this? That is to say, in comparison to someone who lives in a more urban area that prides itself on a more convenient and “civil” lifestyle.

What I’m trying to say is I can’t see anyone from LA handling this situation as well as this guy!

Welcome to Devolution, America!

September 14, 2011

Art Overload

In the past few days, I have been absolutely obsessed with finding new projects to fill my days now that I’m done with school and missing the orderliness of having a set schedule everyday. In doing so, I have started up a little juice delivery business here in Long Beach with a friend.

We are calling it Salud, which means “health” in spanish. Not only does it mean “health,” but it is also  the word used to cheers drinks!

So it worked out pretty well that way. We’re pretty much saying “Salud a la Salud” or “Cheers to Health.”


So, like I said, we are just starting out. But I decided to make my own stamp for our logo. Just a simple stamp that we can label everything with. I came up with this:

I made two different versions just to see which one came out the clearest. I also used linoleum and not rubber because it was cheaper to do some test runs on. But it came out quite nice!

My friend Cristina was at my house during my art project and she introduced me to this amazing video that one-upped my little stamps to the fullest extent! (Intro is pretty long, but it’s super worth it! You can start the video at 0:45 if you want.)

So beautiful. I can only wish that one day I can have as much patience as these artists. I feel like the process of making stamps, along with any other expression through art, comes at a pretty high price of patience.

“He that can have Patience can have what he will.”

Now You Know.

September 2, 2011

End-of-Summer reflections

I like to compare the end of the summer and the end of a travel journey to the end of someone’s life.

There are always certain expectations you have in the beginning. Goals are set and visions are vivid with adventures and projects to come. You know you only have a certain allotted amount of time, but you also know you will not take any second of it for granted. You will make every second count and live completely in the moment!

Then the first day of summer comes and you find yourself just wanting to lay in bed all day and watch tv or just hit snooze over and over. The phrase “ok tomorrow i will do it!” becomes such a normal expression that you no longer realize how many “tomorrows” have passed you by.

By the end of the summer, you have dabbled in a few of your manifested projects, but you soon lose interest in a good deal when they become too hard to accomplish. You just move on to the next project only to abandon it for the same reason.

Now here comes the end of summer. The nights start becoming cooler. You have to start carrying a jacket with you during the day if you plan on staying out until the sub goes down. Shorts and a tank top are no longer an option.

You are reminded of how short summer is and how much time you wasted taking it for granted. Now, with the last week of summer slowly coming to an end, you have tried to fill every one of your last days doing everything you meant to do during the summer:

Museums, beach, write a story, ride your bike, take a walk at sunset, enjoy summery nights with good friends, drink an iced coffee, read a book on the beach.

However, now you’ve rushed everything so much that it’s become a mechanical chore you find yourself needing to do instead of wanting to do.

The upside to this story is you always get next summer to learn your lesson and start all over.

However, if we’re looking at this as your entire life and not just a summer that comes once a year, you need to start thinking RIGHT NOW about how you want to spend your time. Because life is not a season. This is the only chance you get.

I leave you with a video I made in Peru last September of a time-lapsed sunset over Miraflores. The video was about an hour long and i sped it up to less than a minute. Enjoy!

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