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December 3, 2011

To Birth or Not to Birth…

Think long and hard (no pun intended) about whether or not you want kids. Think about the pros and cons and the long-term responsibility of it. You go from a created being to a creator of a being. This new little life consumes your every waking moment and strips you of all your money, YET (and I have no idea how this happens and I know it’s because I am not a mother) you love it so much and just want the best for it. Can you handle that?

Well before you answer that question, take a look at this wonderful little archive, compiling pictures of “Shit My Kids Ruined”:

Ok how did a child do that? I feel like keying takes some elbow grease, right?

oh…. my….. NO WAY couldn’t handle it

This looks like feces and I’m grossed out.

What do you think NOW?!? Ok so it happens… And kids will be kids… BUT if these pictures/blog DID change your mind, I came across a rather interesting website called Happily Childfree dedicated to helping people who never want to have kids cope in a society where kids are expected from couples.

Anyone choose to click on the latter link? Happily Childfree for some of you? So what this website tells me is that our society is so certain that everyone needs to have a child that adults who don’t want kids have to seek outside advice on how to live without them? That doesn’t make any sense (both the idea AND that sentence! way too wordy. Good luck with that one)! News flash, people. The mother-father-child structure isn’t and hasn’t always been the only structure of family. Anyone out there who do not want kids, more power to you! Anyone who either wants kids or already has kids, may the force be with you! It’s not a job for everyone (you hear me!?!)

Now You Know

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