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November 29, 2011

Back from Down Under with Something to Say

Ok so I haven’t been writing for about a good two weeks because I took a trip down under to see my one-and-only and his family. After a grueling 3 months apart (it wasn’t that bad… We’re used to it) he is back in Cali with me!! Anyway… Enough about useless info… Something more important happened to me:

I was looking through magazines to read on the plane ride back and came across the newest Time magazine with this cover:


Even though I wanted to buy it because I knew it looked AMAZING, I also knew that my very own copy would be waiting for me at my parents’ house (because I have them sent there for my brother to read first… I’m a good sister like that) so I could wait til I got home.

Fast foward to a long, 14 hour plane ride home. I went to my parents’ house for a late thanksgiving dinner and immediately went for my pile of Time magazines waiting for me. I disappointedly only found this latest issue sitting on the dining room table:


I interrogated my dad for a little, accusing him of carelessly throwing away my newest copy of my Times and settled with the fact that I’d just have to call and have them send me a new one.


My boyfriend, we shall call him Booey (his name is Paul but I found out in Australia that all his friends call him Booey… Why……. No idea) looked up the latest edition and found out that Time had published two different covers: one for America and ONE FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!


Why, you ask? No idea. Needless to say, I’m having one sent over to me now because I’m interested to see the difference. But it really makes you think about why Time would intentionally run two different covers. Then I realized (because sometimes I live in a bubble) that time always runs different covers. Some of them are understandable, I guess. But this one just hit me close to home. Why not ME!?! I want that!!

Anyway, something to think about

Now You Know

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